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What We Do

We take a fresh look at your business and spot software as a service (SaaS) opportunities. Together we take care of the creative work, after which we build your web app. Have an audience, or simply an idea? Let's schedule a 30 min free consultation call to see what we can do for you, and learn why big brands like Red Bull choose Ok Bye: a small, fast and affordable agency from Holland.

Our favorite projects

We loved exploring digital gastronomy for the University of Jerusalem, gamifying electronic music production for Red Bull Music Academy, explaining signs of habitability on exoplanets for the Carl Sagan Space institute and translating the famous 3d cube to a screen for Rubik’s Cube. We were surprised to be mentioned on the website of Tetris, proud to build 5 web apps for Red Bull Mind Gamers, and excited to help synthesizer designer Tatsuya Takahashi explain synthesizers to the world, through a web app we built.

Currently on our wish list: help a small brand build a simple, stabile and predictable SaaS.


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